10 Hidden Features of iOS That Every iPhone User Needs to Know

Some of the most useful features of your iPhone are tucked away and you might not notice them, but if you don’t know about them, you could be missing out on some great functions to use every day. Here are 23 hidden features of iOS that every iPhone user needs to know about.

How to make your iPhone listen to you

You don’t have to tap the home button or physically type on your keyboard anymore! This means you can stay focused on what you’re doing and have one hand free, no problem.
Tap and hold the top left or right corner of your screen until a tiny text pops up telling you that You can now use Siri. The words Press Home for Siri will appear at the bottom-right corner in blue writing. Tap those words, say a command or type something, and it’ll send it straight through to Siri’s understanding ears.

How To Unlock Siri Shortcuts on Your Lock Screen

I want Siri Shortcuts on my lock screen. For some bizarre reason, you need to disable them for them to show up on the lock screen in Control Center (although they do show up as a 3D Touch menu). To do this, go into Settings and scroll down until you see AssistiveTouch. Swipe AssistiveTouch all the way over so that it is green. You’ll need a second hand for this next step. Tap AssistiveTouch and hold your finger over where it says Siri then drag it off of your phone (you’ll have to start dragging at the top of the screen, not where Siri’s button is) then set your finger back down.

How To Take a Screenshot with Gestures

Taking a screenshot is incredibly easy on the iPhone and can be done by simply pressing the Home button, then pressing the Sleep/Wake button. It will take a quick video clip of your phone’s screen at that moment, saving it as a still image with time and date. If you’ve tried this and it doesn’t work, there may be a way to enable the feature by swiping it up from the bottom-left corner of your screen.
This gives you two ways to take screenshots: one is easier than the other (you don’t need any buttons!)
1) Swipe up from your lower left-hand corner until you see a screenshot icon pop up.

2) Press down on the red circle for 3 seconds to capture the screenshot.

How To Uninstall Apps in IOS

Press and hold an app until it begins wiggling. Drag the app to the top of the screen where an X appears. Release your finger from the app to uninstall it. This will only work for apps that you downloaded yourself and not for system or default apps.

How To Enable Wi-Fi Calling in IOS

If you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and are using a cellular data plan rather than a Wi-Fi connection then you might not know that this option is available. Turning it on will give you the ability to turn your mobile phone into a home phone service. All you need is internet connectivity for making and receiving calls.

  1. Go to Settings (General settings) → Phone → Wi-Fi Calling
  2. Switch the Wi-Fi Calling switch on

How To Use Filters In The Notes App

iPhones come with a Notes app, which is helpful for creating lists, and reminders, and for when you want to jot down a quick idea or thought. But did you know that it also has built-in filters? You can use these filters just like in any other app, or simply apply them as you’re typing. Filters are a great way to search for specific notes without having to remember the exact words or titles. These shortcuts will help make your note-taking easier on both the Notes app and your memory!

  • Tap an arrow icon at the bottom left of your screen
  • Select Filter options from the right-hand side
  • Use current phrases and titles as filters by tapping Phrase

The Way You Can Customize Control Center In IOS 12

Open the Settings app and select Control Center. From there, you can customize which items show up in the Control Center. Choose Customize Controls and move anything you don’t want in your top section to the bottom. You can also add controls, such as a dedicated access button for the flashlight or your alarm clock settings, by tapping Edit and adding them from there. This is a good way to make things like your timer or calculator more accessible for easier usage on the go. And when you’re done editing, tap Done in the upper right corner, and presto! Your own custom control center that helps give you what you need most when out of reach from an outlet!

Secret Settings In Apple TV Remote App For iPhones

The Apple TV remote app for iPhones can do much more than just control your TV. Give it a try today and see what you’re missing out on! • Reveal the library list: With this secret setting, you’ll be able to browse through all the content in your iTunes library without having to leave the screen. Just tap Settings > General > Library List and choose between sorting by albums, artists, composers, genres, or folders (if available). Now every time you want to quickly find that new album or artist that came up while browsing YouTube videos or browsing Reddit, search within the list without exiting out of the app! • Watch films and series in AirPlay mode: You may have noticed that when watching films or series via an AirPlay connection with Apple TV, there’s no way to keep track of how many episodes are left in a season.

Great Things About The iPad Keyboard Shortcuts

Since you’ll be typing so much while on your iPad, it’s worth getting acquainted with its keyboard shortcuts. A shortcut allows you to do something faster and more easily by pressing only one key. To use the shortcut, press and hold down a key until the symbols appear over the letters. For example, if you want to change your paragraph formatting quickly in iWork for iPad (Pages), just hit Control+Option+Command+P.

Tips for Taking Long Exposure Photos with Your Phone

  1. Take the photo. The shutter speed on your phone is only able to hold a long exposure for about four seconds before it registers an error. Start with around two seconds and, if necessary, decrease the time in increments.
  2. Hold steady and take the photo without touching your phone or hand too much. Touching your phone while taking a long exposure will create a blur in the image because you’re shaking your phone’s camera during that four-second exposure window.

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